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iPad Repairs

ipad 2nd gen Glass Repair
$80 inc GST                                                                                                          
ipad 3rd gen Glass Repair
$90 inc GST                                                                                               
ipad 4th gen Glass Repair
$100 inc GST                                                                                               
ipad 5th gen Glass Repair
$109 inc GST                                                                                               
iPad 6th gen Glass Repair
$129 inc GST 
iPad 7/8/9th gen Glass Repair
$170 inc GST                                                                                                    


iPad Pro

iPad pro 9.7″ LCD/Glass Repair
$350 inc GST         
iPad pro 10.5″ LCD/Glass Repair
$420 inc GST           
iPad pro 11″ 2018/2020 LCD/Glass Repair
$400 inc GST                 
iPad pro 12.9″ 2015 LCD/Glass Repair
$530 inc GST


iPad pro 12.9″ 2017 LCD/Glass Repair
$900 inc GST   


iPad pro 12.9″ 2018/2020  LCD/Glass Repair
$420 inc GST                             

iPad Air

iPad Air Glass Repair
$99 inc GST                                                                                              
iPad Air 2 LCD/Glass Repair
$220 inc GST          
iPad Air 3 2019 LCD/Glass Repair
$350 inc GST                                                                                             
iPad Air 4 2020 LCD/Glass Repair
$400 inc GST        


iPad Mini

iPad mini 1/2 Glass Repair
$70 inc GST                                                                                               
iPad mini 3 Glass Repair
$90 inc GST                                                                                               
iPad mini 4 Glass Repair
$210 inc GST                                                                                               
iPad mini 5 LCD/Glass Repair
$220 inc GST                                                                                               

Ipad Battery replacement $90-$150

Ipad LCD replacement $80-$200




Repair Time: 60 Minutes

Warranty: Lifetime






Apple iPad Repair


Get Fast Apple iPad Repair in Brisbane With a Six-Month Warranty

Whether you use your iPad for business or leisure, it offers you so many features that it can be difficult to live without it when it breaks. All electronics are bound to need repairs sometime during their lifespan, especially if you use them every day. iFix.Apple offers quick and quality Apple iPad repair services for damaged LCDs, batteries, and glass screens. We use high-quality parts to get your iPad working well again. 


Which iPad Repair Service is Right For You?

It’s important to know what is wrong with your device before bringing your iPad in for repairs. Our friendly team can help you diagnose the problem by asking a few questions and looking at the broken area. Here’s how to determine what is wrong with your iPad, and what type of repair you may need.

  • • iPad screen replacement: A cracked or broken iPad screen is a common repair that many Apple users require regularly. We repair glass screens for all iPads, including iPad Pro, Air, and Mini devices. If you don’t get your cracked iPad screen fixed soon after it breaks, the cracks may spread across the screen, making it difficult to use the device. Broken screens also leave your LCD vulnerable to potential damage. 
  • • iPad LCD replacement: The LCD (liquid crystal display) is the layer underneath the glass on your iPad screen responsible for the touchscreen functionality and visual display. If you notice black blotches or lines on your screen or your touchscreen does not work, you may need an LCD replacement. Sometimes your LCD can break without cracking the outer glass layer. 
  • • iPad battery replacement: If your battery does not charge or loses charge quickly, you may need to get it replaced. Check that your charger is not at fault before buying a new battery unnecessarily. Change your iPad battery if you notice it swelling – swollen batteries may eventually damage your screen too. You can check your battery health in the iPad settings.


How to Keep Your iPad in Good Condition

An iPad can be expensive, and looking after it properly helps extend its lifespan to get the most use out of your device. Like a computer, iPads require some general maintenance as you use them to keep them running smoothly. Here are some ways to keep your iPad in good condition and prevent constant repairs and replacements.

  • • Screen protection. The screen is one of the most vulnerable and easily damaged elements of your Apple iPad. Screen repair can get expensive, and it’s better to prevent cracks with a tempered glass screen cover and an iPad case. Choose a form-fitting case for the most protection. Clean your screen with a scratch-resistant cloth to prevent dust and dirt build-up, and avoid cleaning products containing ammonia. 
  • • Extend the battery life. How you use your iPad affects its long-term battery life. Simply lowering the screen brightness can drastically improve your overall battery life. Connecting to Wi-Fi uses less energy than a cellular connection, but you should turn off the Wi-Fi if you are not connected. Keep Bluetooth, location services, and Airdrop turned off when you’re not using them to reduce passive battery usage.
  • • Software spring clean. Running outdated software can slow down your iPad’s performance and reduce the battery life. Keep your iOS updated and go through your battery usage in settings to get rid of any unused apps that are draining your battery. Delete temporary files, outdated media, and applications that you no longer need to free up storage space and optimise your iPad’s performance. 
  • • Regular Back-ups. Keep your data backed up on iCloud or similar cloud storage platforms to keep your files safe in case you run into any problems. Backups can run while your device is charging for your convenience. Storing media in the cloud reduces the amount of internal storage space you use on your iPad, improving the performance and battery life. Run anti-virus software along with your backups to protect your iPad from malware. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Apple iPads

The first Apple iPad was released in 2010, and since then, the technology behind the tablet has made huge advancements, making it more popular than ever. So many Apple users come to us with questions about how to care for their iPads correctly and the best way to use them. Here are the top four iPad questions we get.

  • • Is it bad to leave your iPad charging overnight? No, charging your iPad all night will not damage the battery. A popular myth is that overcharging your battery will destroy it and cause it to swell. Modern electronics include protective hardware that prevents overcharging. When your battery is fully charged, it switches to a trickle charge that only works as the iPad battery is at 99 percent. 
  • • How long do iPad batteries last? You should get about 10 hours of use out of your tablet between charges, depending on how you use your Apple iPad. Battery replacement is an option to extend the lifespan of your device after a few years. The typical lifespan of an iPad battery is around two to four years, after which it will need more regular charging. Reducing your everyday battery usage may help your battery last longer. 
  • • Can I use my iPad while it is charging? Yes, you can use your iPad while it charges, and it will not damage the battery. However, using your iPad while it charges can make it charge slowly or not charge at all, depending on the apps you’re using while it’s on charge. Some power sources are not as effective as others, and they won’t work very well if you’re using your iPad, such as a laptop or car charger.
  • • How often should I turn off my iPad? The answer to this question depends on how you use your tablet. Turning the iPad on and off does not use more power than leaving it on charge or sleep mode, and will not damage the battery. You only need to restart your tablet if you notice slow performance or syncing issues. Restarting your OS refreshes its temporary memory and may be necessary for software updates.


Why Choose iFix.Apple for Your Apple Device Repairs

iFix.Apple offers reliable iPad glass repair, battery replacement, and LCD repair for all iPad models. We use high-quality parts, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our repairs. Our team has over a decade of industry experience, and we offer friendly, fast, and affordable serviceContact us for more information. 

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